How Our Performance Test Services Work

A load profile is prepared onsite by your internal team or by one of our performance engineers, who is in close consultation with you. The load profile includes business requirements, transaction response time requirements, and virtual user definition documents derived from the relevant business processes. Then, you either provide remote access to your application or send the load profile items to the ScriptFarm.

The ScriptFarm developers create virtual user scripts from the virtual user definitions documents and deliver the scripts for execution in your test environment using your LoadRunner or SilkPerformer licenses. If you do not have the resources available to run the scripts onsite, our performance engineer can run the scripts by connecting remotely to your environment.

If you do not have LoadRunner or SilkPerformer licenses, we can help you acquire perpetual licenses or use our relationship with HP or Borland to obtain short-term licensing for the duration of your project.

To learn more, please review our Overview page and/or Contact Us directly.

Our load testing services are provided under two basic models depicted in the following diagrams:

Load Test Scripting Managed Services Load Test Scripting Only Model

This model involves the ScriptFarm performing only the scripting tasks associated with load testing.

Full Load Testing Model

This model involves the ScriptFarm performing all or most of the tasks associated with load testing.
Performance Testing Managed Services

We have two work flow diagrams that provide more details about our process in providing load test script development services. We are happy to provide the following documents to anyone interested in exploring how our services would integrate with their company's software development lifecycle. Please Contact Us to request the diagrams.

  • ScriptFarm Generic Development Process
  • ScriptFarm Full Development Process