Performance Testing is not a commodity profession. At the ScriptFarm we provide highly qualified performance testing professionals at lower total project costs than using offshore services. Ask us how.

Outsourced Performance Testing

U.S. Rural Outsourcing at Same Cost as Offshoring

Is cost your number one criteria when outsourcing your software load testing functions to an offshore IT services provider?

If so, our offer to provide U.S. resources at the same or less total cost as the leading offshore IT services providers should be of interest to you. We are confident we can match or beat what you are paying for total project costs with your overseas providers. Some of the leading offshore IT providers with whom we compete are TCS (TATA), Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Satyam, HCL, IBM Global Services, and EDS.

How can we accomplish this seemingly impossibly feat of being more efficient than an offshore provider? Solving most complex problems often comes down to a simple solution and such is this case here. We invest heavily in recruiting the right mix of technical skills in our ScriptFarm team. We follow this recruiting effort with training by industry experts with decades of experience in performance testing. The result is a highly efficient staff. The direct benefit to our clients is that a single ScriptFarm engineer can often replace the output of multiple resources from the companies noted above, with little to no rework due to errors or communications issues. You may find employees of the firms above asking questions in public forums when they are stumped in their perrformance test efforts, but you will find ScriptFarm staff members as moderators and individuals offering solutions in the same forums.

In addition to an equivalent low cost, we offer you the following advantages:

  • Resources who communicate effectively, which avoids multiple, follow-up meetings and phone calls for clarification.
  • Problem resolution in hours rather than days.
  • Fast delivery of high quality LoadRunner or SilkPerformer scripts.
  • Scripts designed to work every time.
  • Adherence to U.S. based laws that protect your investment from piracy.
  • Very stable workforce providing consistent project assignment and delivery.
  • English as our native communication language.
  • Scripting resources trained & supervised by a recognized industry expert.
  • Project and resource management at no additional charge.
  • Experience in developing scripts for 32 protocols.
  • Superior performance metrics capture and report generation.
  • Absence of cultural differences.
  • Absence of large time zone differences.
  • Absence of foreign currency exchange risk.

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