Overview of Load Test Scripting Services

The ScriptFarm is a center of excellence devoted to the remote development of load testing scripts for our clients using HP’s LoadRunner or Borland’s SilkPerformer. Our specialists write the virtual user scripts that represent the activity of key business processes during performance testing. We started the ScriptFarm because of our clients' complaints about offshoring problems in terms of quality of resources and deliverables as well as staff turnover.

The ScriptFarm is available for a wide variety of enterprise applications. As long as there is virtual access to the application, ScriptFarm can be used for nearly the entire suite of available vendor interfaces – from network test scripts to application interfaces; from sockets to Citrix; from classical two-tier database architectures to multi-tier distributed web applications.

Turning test requirements into virtual user scripts requires a code writing expert who understands application communication protocols, is familiar with protocol security, and can troubleshoot language and vendor specific scripts. This type of technical expertise exists primarily with developers, who focus exclusively on load testing scripts, not the generalists who work throughout the application performance lifecycle. Our high quality script development will help you manage business risks as well as contain your costs.

The ScriptFarm developers are high quality technical experts, who do not wish to travel extensively. By enabling them to do scripting remotely, we make these talented resources available to clients everywhere. Our developers do nothing but convert your key business requirements into scripts, enabling them to gain expertise by working on the same type of activity over a period of time. They have the experience to know the pitfalls to avoid and can consult one another to quickly resolve any new challenges that arise. We train our own staff and provide script development services from our lab in South Carolina.

Virtual user scripts can be delivered quickly and efficiently, and any last minute modifications can happen without delay or travel-related costs. A ScriptFarm project manager continuously interfaces with the client to ensure that the process continues to run smoothly.

To learn about our process, please visit our How It Works page and/or Contact Us directly.